Tickets Delivery

When I will receive my tickets?

Tickets will be sent electronically to your registered email address 24 to 72 hours before the match, all necessary information will be provided.

If your tickets will be paper tickets, we will contact you before the match with further information how to receive your tickets

What should I do when I cannot log in to view my tickets?

You will first need to find a way to log into your account. Please refer to this help page.

What format I will receive my tickets?

Electronic formats - PDF files are usually sent out between 24-72 hours prior to the event date for our customers to print at home at their own convenience. Mobile Tickets are QR codes that are usually transferred 24/48 hours before the match and, depending on the club or federation responsible to release them, our customers may be required to download an application in order to receive them and present at the stadium gates. In both cases, specific instructions are always emailed to the buyer depending on their ticket selection.

Paper Tickets - Deliveries are usually made via Royal Mail and all deliveries will require a signature. We send you an email to let you know when your tickets are shipped and you can expect them to arrive within 48 hours (usually 1 day).

Because football tickets are typically printed and released by the teams very close to the time of the match (often just 3 days before or on the day of the match), international delivery may not be possible and your tickets will have to be delivered locally (to your home or your hotel the day/night before the event). Please notify the hotel reception desk/ concierge so they are expecting to accept the delivery on your behalf. It is your responsibility to be available to accept the delivery. You also agree to provide us with a secure delivery location and authorises anybody at that address to act on your behalf to accept delivery of the package. This is absolutely required in order for us to manage the logistics of delivery for so many fans in so many different cities.

I purchased more then one ticket can we seat together?

We guarantee two seats together as long you did not purchase the Get in - Single Tickets category. If you purchase more then 2 tickets we will do our best to provide you all seats together. If we can not provide you the seats together we will group them in pairs (2+1 or 2+2 method) as close as we can. 

You did not find an answer to your inquiry? Let us know and we will be glad to give you further help